Why Employees Should Have Passion Projects

During his talk at Spikes Asia 2015, Andrew Benett shared seven tips for agencies operating in a post-digital world, including letting people pursue their passions.

As Andrew said, “Today, it’s impossible to divorce someone’s personal and professional life.” Given this overlap, agency leaders would be wise to encourage their employees to have side projects that allow them to follow their personal passions.

Our Boondoggle Bright agency encouraged employees to explore their passions by organizing a Hack-a-Thing. This series of workshops aimed to answer the question: “How can we improve our workspace by using connected devices?”


The “Tend” Apple Watch app was born out of a passion project. It’s the first Apple Watch app that helps you make your favorite beverages while keeping your hands free. Utilizing the watch’s accelerator and gyroscope, Tend can help you measure a pour, and keep track of your steps, to mix any drink.



Chief Content Officer Vin Farrell and Chief Creative Officer Jason Peterson are demonstrating how creatives just don’t stop being creative once they leave the office. With NYonAir, they’ve taken a side project and created a business.



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