Vin Farrell: Current of Culture

Today’s consumer is more digital savvy and in control than ever. Media companies can no longer control how consumers will watch content. Sky News Business caught up with Chief Global Content Officer Vin Farrell to talk about the ramifications for the industry, as well as resulting trends.

Key takeaways:

  • If you want to understand what’s happening in the advertising industry, take a look at film and the way independent movements become mainstream.
  • Mainstream media is like the wind. If you want to tap into what’s happening, you need to understand the “current of culture.”
  • There’s still a place for print and radio in the modern world, especially any place with a commuter culture. People want information and they want quality.
  • Netflix and Amazon are changing the game. They’re directly competing with publishing companies and studios— and making better work.
  • Consumers don’t care who creates the content as long as it’s good.
  • There’s a huge benefit to be able to create a dialogue direct to consumers, but you have to know how and when to talk to them. People like being advertised to, they just don’t like being patronized.
  • There’s less of a place for traditional agencies in this equation. The modern agency needs to be a maker culture. The DNA of strategy and creative needs to be changed.

Watch the full interview below.