Together We Cannes: Day 5, Strike a Pose

Art should imitate life. On Day 5 at the Cannes Lions, BETC/Havas assistant copywriter Arthur Zambone got a chance to listen to some of the world’s most successful artists. It was the perfect inspiration, he says, on his last full day in the South of France.

11:04 a.m. Lumière Theatre, A Conversation with Mario Testino 

Few will match the esteemed career of famed Peruvian fashion photographer Mario Testino. His work has been featured in Vogue, V magazine, Vanity Fair, and GQ, just to name a few. And this morning, I joined a conversation with Testino who talked about the power of images and how important is to infuse yourself into your work.

“We need to make photos that people want to devour,” he said. As a creative at an advertising agency, I couldn’t agree more. Pictures make an impact. If you know how to use imagery, you can accomplish anything for a campaign, for a brand, and for yourself.

Testino has enormous influence in the industry. His work emanates a brightness that is sometimes hard to find amid the noise of amateur photography in the age of the smartphone.

He told the audience that when he is planning a photo shoot, he examines every detail—right down to the nails on the models. Testino told us that every part of the image has the power to communicate, so he’s always examining each detail in pre- and post-production.

I want to be like him when I grow up. Until then, I’ll be photographing while on my way.

A CONVERSATION WITH MARIO TESTINO: We need to make photos that people want to devour. #havascafe #havascannes

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12:01 p.m. Lumière Theatre, Authentic, Creative and Unafraid: How Halsey Broke Out  

Can any of us really understand what it’s like to be 22 years old and have a sold-out tour with thousands of fans? Singer and Grammy-nominated artist Halsey spoke in at a panel about the importance putting yourself into your art, even when the music and entertainment industry may seem to manufacture more work that doesn’t seem to always be genuine.

It got me inspired because Halsey and I are the same age. And because some of her lyrics resonate so much with me—and, frankly, with a lot of millennials around the world who have a lot of questions and desires.

15:01 p.m. Let’s go to the beach.

As I walked along the beach, I found some major brands that had set up along the water. The Facebook area was particularly interesting and beautiful. I spent some time there talking with other advertisers of the world and having a look at some Facebook innovations, like the “Share Your day” on Facebook Messenger, which is FB’s answer to Snapchat. It allows users to curate photos and videos, and, just like Snapchat, everything disappears after 24 hours.


So, this is my last day at the Cannes Lions. Already, I’m looking at everything with a nostalgic eye. The festival has been one of the best experiences of my life. I want to say thank you to Havas Group and to all the people who connected me with this journey.

The entire time I was so, so inspired. I want to return to São Paulo with new ideas and with a new me.

See you soon, Cannes.