Together We Cannes: Day 2, Great Stories Start in Cannes

The first full day at the Cannes Lions is an inspirational one for Arthur Zambone, assistant copywriter at BETC/Havas São Paulo. It was a day that almost brought him to tears. The 22-year-old winner of Havas’ internal creative contest, Together We Cannes, continues to detail his emotional journey at the grand festival:

Great stories start here. 🐝 #havascafe #havascannes

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9:02 GMT: Palais des Festivals et des Congrès , a.k.a. The Palais

The start of my day is amazing. At the Palais, we met Jose Papa, the managing director of the Cannes Festival, and learned more about the exponential growth of Instagram. It was a great feeling to see, for the very first time, the Palais full of people talking about creativity.

The Palais walls are replete with posters and artistic creations that promote the many sessions at the Cannes Lions. This is a must-see at the festival; so don’t miss it.

11:04 GMT: Duran Duran

We attended a session featuring Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon, who talked about his advertising and music company, Syn. He chatted with the audience about the importance of music and video coming together to make an impact. It reminded me a lot the concept of Havas’ internal creative content, Together We Cannes, because the collaboration of music and video is important for one reason: making meaningful creations.

At the end of the conversation, they sang with the audience and produced a song while recording live videos. It was really nice.

Come and take a walk on the wild side. #havascafe #havascannes

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13:10 GMT: Health Stage

We got a detailed look at the health creations and innovations.

14:08 GMT: Why are we creative?

Using some keywords, such as heritage, ambition and rebellion, film director Hermann Vaske highlighted some traits that make humans so creative. It was a really good talk, and we had the opportunity to hear professionals who have worked with some major brands and pop stars, such as Beyoncé, Madonna, and Michael Jackson.

One of my favorites quotes from the conversation: “Money has no ideas. Only ideas make money.”

15:02 GMT: Bravery in advertising

Trevor Robinson, founder and executive creative director of London-based ad agency Quiet Storm, discussed bravery. Robinson encouraged the audience to be brave, bring new ideas, and make these “mental things” come to reality in a funny and effective way.

When I left one of the sessions, I felt overwhelmed by inspiration, and all I wanted to do was sit in the Palais’ stairway and cry. But I didn’t.

My next session, “The New Tribes of Arabia,” featured Yousef Tuqan, Group Vice President of brand marketing and loyalty at the Jumeirah Group, a Dubai-based luxury hotel company. He is an awesome marketer who made me think about the Arabian youth.

It made me think about the constructed image that society and economy have towards this community, often reducing them to fights over oil barrels and politics.

It made me think also about the Occidental, egocentric way of thinking that’s prolific in the West. It’s an assumption that people in Dubai do not produce art and don’t value it within their own culture. It made me think of everything that we don’t really understand, but yet we judge. It made me think about resistance. The same resolve that enables the LGBTQA+ community to resist an oppressing system also pushes women to take to Twitter to speak out and fight for the right to drive, study, and even just exist.

Music, advertising, art are manifestations of that greater message of protest. Sometimes, we consider ourselves free people just by walking around with the latest iPhone. But freedom is much more than that.

“The New Tribes of Arabia” was such a good conversation, and it made my day—definitely.

19:40 GMT: Lions Health Awards 

There’s no better way to end the day than with an awards presentation at Lions Health. We had a great time watching the best case studies that health and wellness marketers produced around the world.

22: my lucky number in a lucky place.

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