The Social Corner #4: Swipe Left

Welcome to The Social Corner! Are you wondering what’s hot on social media? Well, this is your corner of the internet. This week, music may be the hottest new turn-off, LinkedIn is coming to a Word document near you, and Apple has some exciting news.


If we didn’t have enough reasons to swipe left on most of our potential matches, we just got another.

Spotify has partnered with dating app Bumble to add the user’s most listened-to artists into their dating profile. The integration came about when a pair of friends working at the two companies had the idea, and it could lead to a future in which dating apps can give even more information about your potential matches. Who knows, next you could learn restaurant preferences via OpenTable.

Overall, this is good news: Now you’ll be well-prepared when you find out she has listened to Taylor Swift’s 1989 more times than any human should, or if he has listened to Pitbull even once.


That’s a Lot of Cash

On Monday, Microsoft announced its purchase of LinkedIn in an all-cash, $26.2 billion deal.

If you think this sounds totally outrageous, you’re not alone. Neither LinkedIn nor Microsoft are considered traditionally “cool,” but this merger does both companies a lot of good. The purchase lines up nicely with Microsoft’s newest direction of selling online services to businesses, and LinkedIn—you may be surprised to learn—can continue thriving.

What’s next? Expect to keep track of LinkedIn news feed developments in PowerPoint files and have Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Siri, know your job history.


Kiss Me Through the Phone (With an Emoji)

For many Apple-lovers, the WWDC keynote on Monday didn’t bring the heat. However, the announcement of iOS 10 ushered in some much-needed updates.

A revamping of iMessages, the option to remove apps (was anyone really using the Video app?), a night mode, the introduction of widgets, and a “raise to wake” feature for your lock screen are just a few of the highlights.

The public beta opens in July for you techheads, while the rest of us will be waiting until the fall to get our hands on the latest from Apple.


Picks of the Week

Some of social media’s best this week:

  • Last week it was Hillary, this week it’s “The Gays.” Two weeks in a row, Donald Trump has been seriously embarrassed on Twitter.
  • Worth a Follow: Paris has a lot of underground magic, and the official Instagram account of the Paris Metro (@ratp) knows it.