Rosapark for Monoprix: Label of Love

Most of us can remember that blind affection for our first-ever grade school crushes. A charming new spot, created by agency Rosapark, tells the sweet story of a boy who crafts darling love notes for his young classmate. He then secretly places them in her locker.

The creative catch: All of the adoring messages are made from cutouts from groceries bought at French supermarket giant Monoprix. Some of the messages read (in French): “Totally crackers for you,” “I’m bananas about you,” and, “Tea only one for me.” Monoprix is famous for its labels, which feature funny jokes that are often puns derived from the products.

Although the boy misses his first chance to reveal that he is the secret admirer, he gets another long-awaited shot years later. Again, a charming cutout helps the young man express his love for his longtime crush. This message reads: “Better latte than never.”

The four-minute film, “Label of Love,” marks the brand’s 85th anniversary. It highlights the store’s unique offering: witty packaging on its private label products.

Watch the spot: