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MONEY, MONEY, MON€Y: Attitudes Toward Credit, Consumption, and Cryptocurrency

  Almost no one will doubt that money is important. But the role of money—how it defines the future, how…

Pride and Prejudice: Shifting Mindsets in an Age of Uncertainty

A global economic crisis, widespread political corruption, violent extremism and terror, ever-wider income inequities, the refugee crisis…these matters and others…

Eaters Digest: The Future of Food

As people grow more concerned about what’s in the products they eat, their relationships with food brands are weakening. Whereas…

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Project Superbrand:
10 Truths Reshaping the Corporate World

Transparency, sustainability, and a purpose beyond profit are more than popular catchphrases. They’re now bottom-line expectations for how larger businesses…

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The Modern Nomad

In recent decades, we’ve gained the ability to move through life faster—interacting with more people, accomplishing more tasks, getting from…


Our world is fundamentally changing—and with it, our perceptions of what we value and how we wish to lead our lives. In this latest global study, Havas Worldwide explores shifts in attitudes and behaviors related to the care and feeding of our bodies. The study draws from the experiences and points of view of more than 10,000 men and women in 28 markets around the globe.

The New Dynamics of Family

In today’s world, everything is changing at breakneck speed. Trends last barely longer than the beat of a butterfly wing. The news of the day is outdated by the time you get to it. And that new iPhone you’re eyeing is already obsolete…

Hashtag Nation

A great deal has changed in youth culture since the baby boomers came of age in the ’60s and ’70s. New technologies and media formats have transformed how we interact, learn, and are entertained. Family dynamics have changed markedly. And the world is now far more global and interconnected. What impact have these shifts had on youth marketing?

10 Trends for 2015

This year, Havas Worldwide offers its forecast for the new year with “10 Trends for 2015.” While two years ago,…

The New Consumer and The Sharing Economy

For a number of years, the allure of hyperconsumption has been fading, as consumers have begun to derive increasingly less…

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Building Brands that Matter

Brand preference and loyalty are not static; they must be earned and re-earned over time. With this new study, Havas…

Talent Mandate _frontCover
The Talent Mandate

ABOUT THE BOOK “Our employees are our greatest asset”—it’s a cliché companies feel obliged to spout. Some may even believe…

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Digital and the New Consumer

After more than a decade of tracking consumers’ use of digital technology, global communications company Havas Worldwide has undertaken a…

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Communities and Citizenship

Who has the most power to effect change today? If you think it’s the world’s political leaders, you’re in the…

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Aging: Moving Beyond Youth Culture

Havas Worldwide’s newest study uncovers a pushback against society’s youth obsession and a fear of living “too long.” Over the…

Digital Life CoverFinal copy
This Digital Life

This week we’re launching Havas Worldwide’s latest Prosumer Report—“This Digital Life.” It explores life in the post-technology era—a time when…

Health and Wellness: My Body, Myself, Our Problem

This week we’re launching Havas Worldwide’s latest Prosumer Report—“My Body, Myself, Our Problem: Health and Wellness in Modern Times”—offering valuable…

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Gender Shift: Are Women the New Men?

Young females in developed markets are out of step with the world created by their feminist mothers—and that is influencing…

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Millennials: The Challenger Generation

HAVAS Worldwide’s Prosumer Report – “Millennials: The Challenger Generation” – offers valuable insights to marketers looking to connect with today’s…

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The New Consumer

Research from Havas Worldwide is showing a shift in both personal and consumer values, as people begin to rethink what…