The New Dynamics of Family

In today’s world, everything is changing at breakneck speed. Trends last barely longer than the beat of a butterfly wing. The news of the day is outdated by the time you get to it. And that new iPhone you’re eyeing is already obsolete.

Within this fast-changing environment, family serves as an anchor. In other areas of our lives, we may upgrade to a new model at the earliest hint of trouble. We may leave a job without notice or break a lease with our landlord to pursue an opportunity thousands of miles away. But with family, we’re in it for the long term. We build and nurture these relationships over a lifetime, not weeks. And even the most self-centered among us at least sometimes put family first, whether out of love, duty, or plain old-fashioned guilt.

With this latest global study, Havas Worldwide explores the state of the family at a time when the nuclear unit is an endangered species, marriage is increasingly optional, traditional gender norms are giving way, and children are being raised in a digital world.


Study Highlights