The New Consumer and The Sharing Economy

For a number of years, the allure of hyperconsumption has been fading, as consumers have begun to derive increasingly less value from the experience of buying. In 2010, Havas Worldwide global CEO Andrew Benett discussed this phenomenon in the book Consumed: Rethinking Business in the Era of Mindful Spending.

In 2014, we’re seeing a new permutation of this trend. People are no longer simply rejecting conspicuous consumption in favor of a simpler, more mindful approach; now, they also are looking to be more active participants in the consumption cycle. For some, this means producing and selling their own goods. For others, it means getting involved in some other way in the peer-to-peer economy, perhaps by joining a sharing service such as Airbnb or by crowdfunding. This new, more proactive approach offers myriad benefits, including cost savings, a deeper sense of community and personal connectivity, and enhanced sustainability.

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