MONEY, MONEY, MON€Y: Attitudes Toward Credit, Consumption, and Cryptocurrency


Almost no one will doubt that money is important. But the role of money—how it defines the future, how much is needed to live, the amount that’s required to be happy—continues to change over time. The latest Prosumer Report, “Money, Money, Money: Attitudes Toward Credit, Consumption, and Cryptocurrency” takes a deep dive into the evolving attitudes toward finances across the globe.

The study reveals that economic fears remain prevalent and, in fact, are driving more cautious financial decisions about how to spend money and how to manage debt. As a result, global citizens are redefining the roles of banks and government and are rethinking capitalism; they’re even evaluating the connection between consumption and contentment.

Surveying nearly 12,000 respondents living in 37 markets, the findings are sobering for brands that want to make connections with consumers—and, ultimately, want people to still find value in making purchases.


Study Highlights