Digital and the New Consumer

After more than a decade of tracking consumers’ use of digital technology, global communications company Havas Worldwide has undertaken a major study to explore emerging paths to purchase around the world. Working with research partner Market Probe International, we surveyed 10,219 adults in 31countries, representing a combined population of more than five billion.

As e-commerce extends to mobile technologies, growing numbers of hyper-connected consumers are making smartphones a regular part of their purchasing processes. This worldwide trend is moving fastest in certain emerging markets, where switched-on consumers are proving more apt to embrace m-shopping than are their developed-market peers.Our research shows that just 16 percent of US online consumers have used a smartphone to shop online, far short of the 50 percent in China, 48 percent in Singapore, and 42 percent in India who have done so.

Many consumers are using multiple devices for their e-shopping, although desktop computers are still the main go-to device in all countries. Overall, 80 percent have shopped through a home computer, 24 percent through a work computer, 25 percent through a smartphone or other mobile device, and 14 percent through a tablet.

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