New Prosumer Report Reveals the Changing Value of Money

Consumer attitudes toward money and personal finances are changing drastically across the globe and brands, marketers and even governments need to recognize that fact and adjust—quickly.

Havas Worldwide’s global study, “Money, Money, Money: Attitudes Toward Credit, Consumption, and Cryptocurrency,” finds that ideas of minimalism, less debt, curbed consumption, and even questions around capitalism are steadily replacing more traditional beliefs that favor lavish lifestyles. In fact, the findings show just four in 10 people worldwide say money gives real meaning to their lives. Five in 10 say they would actually be happier if they consumed less.

“Money, Money, Money” is an extensive, in-depth look into these changing attitudes and draws from a survey of nearly 12,000 respondents in 37 markets. The report provides context and insights into the the growing global concerns about financial security compared to previous generations—with 66% of respondents worried about a global recession, 67% concerned they will run out of money with age, and 60% who worry about their country going bankrupt.

The report also takes a deep dive into new consumer expectations of banks and financial institutions, indicating a desire for simplicity, financial literacy and emerging technology.

So what does this mean for brands? Simply put: opportunity. “Money, Money, Money” serves as a snapshot—and perhaps a prediction—of what will drive the creation, consumption, exchange and validation of wealth in the years to come.  The report’s insights are a powerful tool to help brands identify and capitalize on these modern perspectives.

Read the study and discover the future of money around the globe.