The Mobile Solution to Sexism

Everyone knows what it feels like to be interrupted while talking, but studies show that women are unnecessarily interrupted more often than men—and those interruptions come from men and women. That’s why the team at BETC São Paulo isn’t just talking about the problem but is attempting to make a difference with its newly launched app—Woman Interrupted.

The app counts how many times a man, perhaps unwittingly, interrupts a woman’s speech. In real time, Woman Interrupted analyzes sounds and turns those interruptions into useful data.  In fact, BETC plans to launch a global dashboard where users will be able to identify trends, such as the number of interruptions per minute in a particular country.

The app is part of a greater, organic conversation that acknowledges interruptions aren’t merely rude behavior but are a reflection of sexism in society. Available on Android and iOS, Woman Interrupted launched the same week as International Women’s Day—a fitting continuation of the discussion around gender equality.

Get more details on how the app works in this video from BETC: