Should Millennial Parents Have to Choose Between Career and Family?

The largest generation is entering the next stage of their lives.

Over the next decade, 64 million millennials will become parents. However, a recent study from the 3% Conference shows that only 39 percent of women in the advertising industry are mothers, compared to nearly 80 percent of all college educated women in the U.S., indicating that these women are feeling forced to choose between having a career and having a family.

In a conversation with Lisen Stromberg of The 3% Movement, Patti Clarke (chief talent officer, Havas Group), Nick Childs (global chief creative officer, Initiative), and Sedef Onar (chief talent officer, 72andSunny) discussed how organizations can help millennial parents “have it all.”

The challenge is largely that we’re no longer dealing with work-life balance. It’s really work-life integration. As a global Ernst & Young study shows, millennials are facing the 24/7 work culture challenges far more than previous generations. Says Patti Clarke, “When people have to check part of themselves at the door when they show up in the morning, the stress of holding that in, and not being able to be completely authentic, definitely affects performance.”

Watch the full panel discussion below.