Meet: Ricardo Turcios, ECD, Havas Bangkok and Founder, ImaginMe

Zoe Turcios always wanted to be a princess. But Ricardo, Zoe’s father (and the ECD of Havas Bangkok) had other ideas. “It became my goal to encourage her to aspire to different role models”—more empowering ones.

So Ricardo created ImaginMe, an interactive storytelling app that allows kids to do more than just read. They literally become the main character of every story, with the ability to design their own 3D character, choose costumes, make decisions and become the heroes of their own adventures.

Ricardo is the creative director of the project, which he describes as “the most challenging thing he’s ever done.” He aims to have the app go live this summer, and has just launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign. Learn more about ImaginMe, and help support the project.

As for Zoe? Now, she wants to be a dragon.