Meet: Havas Lofts Class of 2015

After a successful pilot last year, Havas Lofts is back. This week marks the first of four that the Spring 2015 class of 20 participants will spend in their host agencies: Mexico City, Chicago, São Paulo, New York, London, and Paris.

The mobility training program pairs participants from both Havas Media and Havas Creative Groups with a coach and immerses them in the inner workings of their host agencies—from deep dives into local tools and processes to sharing strategies and best practices. And of course, they get to meet new people, explore new cities, and take in local agency culture.

Not in any of those six offices? You can still benefit from seeing the Havas network with new eyes: All the participants will be posting to the Lofts blog over the next four weeks. Check back in frequently for new posts—and while you’re there, check out some of the great content the 2014 class posted as well.