Investing in Key Areas to Stay Ahead of the Curve

During his talk at Spikes Asia 2015, Andrew Benett shared seven tips for agencies operating in a post-digital world, including: “Invest in key areas to stay ahead of the curve.”

As Andrew pointed out, it’s tough for agencies to find these key areas, so it requires taking a few bets. Some of the practice areas Havas is investing in include visual design, experience design, mobile, and data.


For example, Havas New York used cutting-edge technology Oculus Rift for a Dos Equis campaign, creating an entirely new consumer experience. The beer brand equipped bars in key markets with a total of 21 Oculus Rift headsets, allowing participants to enter the virtual reality of The Most Interesting Man In The World. It was the first-ever live action, 3D, cinematic [virtual reality] project undertaken for a brand. As Gwen Boyce, brand director at Dos Equis, commented, “The virtual reality headset was our chance to have a really cutting-edge interaction with consumers.”

Said Jason Musante, managing director and group executive creative director at Havas New York, “Alcohol brands are often unable to control the environment where they are consumed or purchased. VR offers these brands an opportunity to create a more controlled brand experience and world. That’s what drove the thinking behind The Dos Equis Masquerade experience: take people from the bar they are in, to the incredible world of the Most Interesting Man.” 


In SEA, Havas Siren is investing heavily in healthcare, putting resident doctor Dr. VJ Yamat at the helm. With Danone Tummy Health the team was  tasked to create a series of mom-friendly material, which talks about a seemingly hard-to-understand concept called “Gut Health.” Havas Siren successfully wrote layman-friendly copy, while keeping the virtues of the science intact. This project then became the anchor of succeeding Danone business wins across the region.


And finally, as Havas Worldwide continues to grow its scale and scope in APAC, it has built a new model of digital expertise. This initiative, Havas Drive, comprises specialists in data, design, strategy, developing, and more — all working across the region to help transform clients’ businesses. Drive acts as a floating resource, supporting local agencies and new business efforts. This investment has been designed to bring complementary experts and practice areas together, resulting in new ideas, insights, and technological solutions for clients.


What key areas is your agency investing in to stay ahead of the curve? Comment below, tweet us @havas, or email with examples.