Inside: Victors & Spoils

Victors and Spoils

With the Rockies as a beautiful backdrop, the team at Victors & Spoils has no shortage of inspiration in its picturesque Colorado town. Leslie Maddocks, Director of Talent and Operations, and Rob Lewis, Associate Creative Director, give us an inside look at V&S. Take the tour.

How would you describe your culture?

LM: We are a work hard, play hard kind of place—for real. We believe in creating a culture filled with inspired people because ultimately, if we’re boring, our work will be boring. If we never see outside of four walls, what in the hell do we know about culture and people?

Victors and Spoils Victors and Spoils

What makes Victors & Spoils a great place to work?

LM: There are no egos here. This place has always been filled with nice people who also happen to be really freakin’ talented and interesting.

What are the biggest changes that you’ve seen at V&S in recent years?

RL: So, so many changes. Man. We’ve only been around for eight years, and we’ve gone from a crowdsourcing agency with four internal people and a crowd of 7,000 to a full-service agency of 50 with multiple AORs to a much leaner crew of probably around 20 today with more in-house production capabilities. Change can be hard, but one of the best things about V&S is our willingness and ability to adapt and change with the times.

Victors and Spoils

How does the city of Boulder, Colorado, affect your internal culture?

LM: We’re nestled in the heart of Boulder, a booming creative and start-up bubble, so innovation and entrepreneurial spirit rains on us daily, as do spandex bike shorts and Subarus.

Victors and Spoils

How does the actual physical environment at your agency contribute to the morale and mood of staffers?

RL: Nobody here has an office. Nobody here even has a cube or a wall. We have the most open office I’ve seen anywhere, and it breeds collaboration. Everyone here is collaborative and inclusive. There are no egos and lots of discussion happening at all times.

Where does everyone like to gather?

LM: A bit cliché, but we’re a real coffee culture. We’ve got at least four of the top Boulder coffee shops within three blocks. And we’ll jump at any excuse to stroll west down Pearl Street, soaking in the view of the Front Range between meetings. Overheard daily: “Holy sh*t, we get to live here!”

What recent work is most talked about at V&S?

LM: I think our NEI campaign:

And our InnovAsian work, which was completely unexpected for the category.

What’s the biggest conversation piece in the V&S office?

RL: Probably the office itself. We have about 20 floor-to-ceiling windows in a part of town known for its retail spaces. People constantly walk in asking what we are. They usually think we’re a furniture store, a shared workspace, or maybe even a 1990s-era Internet café.

Victors and Spoils

What might those who don’t work at V&S be surprised to know about your team?

RL: We recently added a video production arm that has been so fun and that helped us make stuff even when we don’t have the resources to do it the traditional way. It’d be great to expand that offering into digital by bringing on in-house developers.

Victors and Spoils

Give some specific steps that your team takes to advance the Together ethos as part of the Havas network?

LM: Collaboration is our foundation. We were built on an open philosophy and pride ourselves on bringing in the right people at the right time to solve the problem at hand. If you’re a loner, you won’t last long here.

RL: It’s just the way we work our open workspace, how we include departments in creative development and reviews, and how we put the work on the wall for everyone to critique and view.

Victors and Spoils

What’s something at V&S that, most likely, you wouldn’t find in any other Village?

LM: I think it goes back to the uniqueness of our city, which influences the culture here. There’s nowhere like Boulder, Colorado, and we believe there’s nowhere like V&S.