Inside: Havas Village Sydney

“Dare to dream.”


That’s the motto that drives our team in Sydney to take risks, create innovative work, and have some fun along the way. And it’s all fueled by the power of collaboration. On a recent visit to the Village, we saw it firsthand, with everything from literal “food for thought” to epic parties on the rooftop terrace bar.

Take the tour with us below.

Havas Village Sydney

The Mag: How would you describe your Village’s culture?

Sydney: We have a very unique set of values, written by our employees that epitomize the way we behave both individually and as a Village. They include:

1. “Better together.” This is all about collaboration. We believe the best work is done with many great minds, from all over the Village, contributing to solve a problem.

2. “First in the pool.” This value is about being brave, taking risks, not being afraid to fail, and most of all, having fun along the way.

3.  “No wankers.” Put simply, this is really just about leaving egos at the door and a belief that everyone here is equal.

Havas Village Sydney kitchen

The Mag: What makes your Village a great place to work?

Sydney: It sounds cliché, but the best thing about working here is the people. We have a great social committee that brings together the agencies regularly so everyone can get to know each other. We send a group of employees to SXSW in Austin and CES in Las Vegas each year, bringing back new ways of thinking and insights into what the future holds for the industry. We also take part in a global initiative called Havas Lofts, which gives employees an opportunity to go and work for a month in one of a number of participating Havas offices across the world.

Every month, our Havas Heroes spin the wheel of fortune in front of the whole office, which is a brilliant way for everyone to recognize people for the great work they’re doing. The parties are always pretty epic. One great one is the Melbourne Cup party, the “race that stops the Village.” Finally, offering some food for thought, we have a monthly breakfast for the entire office with an industry leader from outside of the Havas family, which is a great way to stay updated on the latest industry trends across advertising, media, creative, PR, and social.

Havas Village Sydney party

Havas Village Sydney culture and people

The Mag: Tell us about the office space. Where does everyone like to gather?

Sydney: On Level 8, we have a roof terrace bar, which is easily the most loved feature of the office. It must have something to do with the beautiful view across Sydney. (Or maybe the free alcohol.) It’s what really united the Village and sits between the creative agency on Level 7 and the PR and media agencies on Level 9. It’s a space where everyone comes together for company meetings, parties, and casual drinks on a Friday after a hard week’s work.


Havas village sydney inside

The Mag: What recent work is most talked about around the office?

Sydney: There are plenty of examples of great work going on across the Village at the moment, but one that has been a real talking point is the recent work done with EA on Need for Speed. The idea was called “Crew Create,” and it was an immersive, interactive experience that saw EA collaborate with car customizers, designers, creative influencers, and the public to design a real-world Need For Speed car. Another recent big one is the opportunity Red Agency had to create an awesome piece of global content for the new partnership between Chandon sparkling wine and McLaren Honda F1 with the famous drivers Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso.