Inside: Havas Village Milan

Benvenuto! At Havas Village Milan, a strong, multi-agency team works together to establish meaningful connections, win new business, and achieve more, both personally and professionally.

Below, learn more about the Village’s integrated building, the various initiatives that foster collaboration, and the best place to catch a view of the beautiful Italian city.

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The Mag: What does being a Village mean to you?

Milan: It means not only having all agencies under one roof, but also being able to access all competencies, knowledge, and talents in order to establish more meaningful and prosperous conversations. This allows us to provide a unique service within the Italian market.

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The Mag: How has the collaborative nature of your Village influenced your culture?

Milan: We have all the specializations of the communications world all in the same building. This means more knowledge that widens our vision and perspective by elevating conversations with clients. Working together frequently also provides an opportunity to increase trust and appreciation between people from different backgrounds, making us a stronger team.

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The Mag: What makes your Village a great place to work?

Milan: In regard to the cultural initiatives across all agencies in the Village, we have the Havas Academy (training meetings) and the Smartworking policy. Other initiatives include free breakfast every Friday for sharing insights, chats and special agency initiatives, and an incentive program in which people create new business opportunities.

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The Mag: Tell us a bit about the office space. What are a few conversation pieces?

Milan: From a physical point of view, we have one badge for all six floors in the building; from a digital point of view, we have an intranet where you can post your thoughts, suggestions, and even sell your stuff! We also have a terrace with an amazing view of the city and a courtyard.

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The Mag: What recent work is most talked about around the office?

Milan: All new business activities we are working on are done together as a whole business unit. Friuli Venezia Giulia and Coyote are among the more recently won clients that involved the Village’s competences.

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The Mag: How does your team demonstrate Havas values?

Milan: We work with passion, commitment, and authenticity and are focused on achievement, both personally and professionally.

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