Inside: Havas Village Madrid

Every day, more than 1,000 Havas staffers from across Spain’s capital city come together at Village Madrid. Open for a little less than a year now, the Village is nestled in one of Madrid’s most authentic traditional neighborhoods, Chamberí. Locals there use the Spanish word castizo, which means pure or genuine, to describe this vibrant district replete with small shops and tapas restaurants. Village Madrid is a modern, innovative hub in the middle of traditional sights and sounds.

Take the tour.

Havas Village Madrid Exterior

How would you describe your Village culture?

We have tried to create efficient, innovative, tech-savvy headquarters—a place that favors collaboration, creativity, and inspiration. This Village model has, for us, fostered a new way of working for us that involves creating, sharing, and learning.

Havas Village Madrid was created not just as a space for employees, but for all those involved in and influenced by the work we do, which includes everyone from clients and their customers to suppliers and members of the press.

What makes your Village a great place to work?

There are so many advantages. First, its location is in the center of Madrid, which affords easy access through different transportation hubs. Plus, we enjoy a wide range of shops, restaurants, and gyms, and many of them offer Havas discounts.

Second, there’s the building: It has several large working areas and meeting rooms that promote collaboration. There are huddle rooms for those who need a private space, including the phone booths, sitting areas, and pods in the kitchen. And there is a cantina bar for meals and relaxing moments.

How does the Village contribute to the morale and mood of Havas Villagers?

Honestly, we can say that the Together ethos guides us every day here. We come together as one team, work on brands together, and share equipment in one unique space; we feel energized and work much more effectively in this environment. This Village enables us to meet face-to-face and get to know each other better.

There’s no question that it’s helped us feel part of something relevant and great. We are a team. And we are proud of it.

Where does everyone like to gather?

That’s easy—on the terrace. The Village has two. One is on the ground floor leading to a back patio and is normally very quiet. Some people have yet to discover it. And then there’s the rooftop terrace that everyone loves. It’s wonderfully noisy, full of life and, often, business. It serves has a great gathering spot for informal or formal chats around a cafe. It is also an ideal place to host events. Of course, there are also fantastic views of the city, with its mythical roofs drawing the skyline of Madrid.

Describe something at your Village that, most likely, you wouldn’t find in any other Villages.

When people pass by they often wonder if Village Madrid is a new hotel, museum, showroom, or modern cafe. We’ve been asked, “What weird people work here?” They’re captivated by the Village’s ground floor on Eloy Gonzalo Street.

We have a multifunctional space that enables us to hold different meetings, events, press conferences, and training sessions. There are two auditoriums with retractable stands and movable doors that may be kept closed or opened, depending on the size of the event. These spaces are modulable and adaptable: They expand and reduce space, incorporate technology, and offer catering services both indoors and on our terrace outdoors.

What are some your most recent projects that you’re most proud of?

We’ve had the privilege of hosting several prestigious projects for Havas, including NextGen, Havas‘s high-potential leader program that hosted 50 Havas Group employees from 29 different countries around the world, and the launch of Code & Tech 4Kids, a new series of innovation workshops for the kids of Havas staffers.