Inside: Havas Village Hong Kong

What was once a small fishing village has now become one of the world’s largest financial centers and home to another kind of village: Havas Village Hong Kong. Here teams across disciplines work together to pitch clients, build integrated solutions, and enjoy each other’s company.
Take the tour below.


The Mag: What does being a Village mean to you?

Hong Kong: It’s all about togetherness—from the mindset we hold, to the way we work, to the collaborative attitude that fuels all of our connections with each other under the same roof.


The Mag: What does collaboration look like at Havas Village Hong Kong?

Hong Kong: Rather than building a fixed team for pitching new business, we build an integrated team that’s based on the brief and deliverables. We pull in specialists from different disciplines—like data, content, media, social, and advertising—to work together to build integrated solutions.

In the few months that we’ve been a Village, we’ve co-created two major events: the Programmatic Immersion Workshop for our clients and the Havas Open Day for fresh talent. During our Open Day, ambassadors from both creative and media teams opened up our Village to recent graduates who are interested in the industry and our company. Participants are able to connect with our staff in various departments, understand what their job entails, and ask questions. Our team also share some of our creative work and present best practices.Inside Havas Hong Kong

The Mag: What’s the highlight of your office space?

Hong Kong: We reserved the most impressive and spacious area of the office for our people. We decorated it as a café for all our Villagers to hang out, taste wine, brainstorm, play, and chat.
Inside Havas Hong Kong Cafe

The Mag: What recent work is most talked about around the office?

Hong Kong: The online micro-movie that we created for Danone Aptamil, which generated over two million views on Facebook within just one week, and the brand film that we created for Hong Kong International Airport, which strongly resonated with so many of Hong Kong’s people.


The Mag: How has the culture of your city influenced or inspired your team?

Hong Kong: The city has developed from a small fishing village into a world financial center. Hong Kong’s people are agile, ambitious, vibrant, and multicultural, so is every Havas Villager. Our nimble structure and collaborative spirit allow us to quickly respond to the fast-changing market environment and our clients’ needs.

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