Inside: Havas Village Copenhagen

At an old refurbished building on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Havas employees have banded together to market, dream, and play as one. By fully embracing collaboration, this Havas Village team has been able to learn new skills, deliver more value, and achieve bolder ambitions.

Take the tour below.


The Mag: What does being a Village mean to your team?

Copenhagen: Having so many different and complementary resources available at the same place has had a huge impact on our team. We are now able to discuss, develop, and design solutions for clients that cross creative, data, and media in an integrated way, with far more quality and productivity than was previously possible. Today, we market as one.



The Mag: What does collaboration look like at Havas Village Copenhagen?

Copenhagen: First of all, everyone now has a much better understanding of how their work and contribution fits into the entire solution. People no longer see their job in isolation and focus instead on the overall result. We have a completely integrated organization, which has been fully embraced by our 40 employees. It makes a difference in the market, clients see the benefits, and everyone is learning a lot from people with different skill sets. We no longer separate between media and creative teams. Everyone is working together to deliver value to clients. And when we pitch to clients, teams are created to deliver against specific needs.

Translation: “View of Denmark’s best agency.”

The Mag: What makes your Village a great place to work?

Copenhagen: Many things: We have a soccer team competing at different events. We put together running teams for an annual running event in the park nearby the office that more than 125,000 runners attend. Every other Thursday, we reserve a meeting room for a massage therapist, who makes sure everyone is relaxed. Plus, there’s free all-day breakfast every day.


The Mag: What recent work is most talked about around the office?

Copenhagen: One of the things we’re most proud of is the work we do for an organization called “Gadens Stemmer” (“Voices of the Street”), which supports Copenhagen’s homeless population. Every year, the entire agency goes on tours guided by homeless people, during which they share their life stories. We then work pro-bono to develop campaigns that help raise funds for the homeless. This project has allowed everyone at the agency to learn a lot about both human nature and the city in which we live. Below is an example of a recent OOH campaign.

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The Mag: Where in Copenhagen do employees like to spend time together?

Copenhagen: The nearby park, “Fælledparken,” is a great place to gather for a beer or to play petanque together. Especially in the summer!