Inside: Havas Village Beijing

Frequently referred to as the “heart of Chinese culture,” Beijing is home to more than 21 million people. The capital city is well-known for its ancient sites that date back three millennia, yet Beijing boasts an enormity of modern architecture. The team at Havas Village Beijing have embodied the area’s collaborative and harmonious nature by way of their ultra-open work spaces and monthly Village workshops.

Meet the team.


How does the Village concept support your success?

Working together increases efficiency and allows us to bring to life more innovative ideas for our clients. The constantly changing consumer lifestyle makes it more and more important for communication agencies to be able to provide different creative and media channels. The Village concept enables us to put together our resources and expertise in order to meet those needs.


How do teams from across the Village collaborate?

Everyone in the agency is trying to learn from each other. Gone are the days of rigidly defined creative, digital, and social departments. Our village is very fluid, and our account people are able to understand different means of communication, as well as the changes in consumer behavior. We share with each other all of the different learnings from our experiences on various accounts during Village workshops. Doing so gives us the opportunity to relay helpful practices to team members, as well as allows us to provide more integrated services for our clients.


What makes your Village a great place to work?

The Beijing Village is a big, warm, and caring family. Our mutual respect for one another makes sharing ideas second nature. So, not only do we get the most updated information on all of the interesting things our teams are doing, but we also learn about the most up-to-date trends in different fields.


Tell us a bit about the office space.

Instead of locating our office in a busy area of the city, we chose a neighborhood that encourages a relaxed, happy work environment. The office is comprised of two floors that are linked by an open staircase. We have a central garden where people enjoy chatting or catching up between emails. When the weather is nice, we often work outside in the garden. Sometimes we leave the office space altogether and work in the Creative Square, which has a plethora of art galleries, design studios, fashion shops, and restaurants.

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How has the culture of Beijing influenced your Havas team?

Beijing is known as the heart of Chinese culture and is defined by a sense of harmony, mutual understanding, and collaboration. These ideas have permeated our Village and our teams rather organically.