Inside: Havas Village Barcelona

“It’s the underlying positive attitude of our people that drives us forward.”

It’s difficult not to feel positive when you’re living in a place like Barcelona. The city radiates nothing but good vibes, with its sunny beaches, modern art, and open culture.

At Havas Village Barcelona, the team has been heavily influenced by their inspiring surroundings, implementing initiatives that further spark positivity and bring everyone togetherfrom friendly paddle tennis tournaments to enlightening demo days.

Take the tour with us below.


The Mag: What does being a Village mean to you?

Barcelona: It’s a sense of belonging to a family. Really, that’s what we feel we are. Because we’re a Village, that means we’re able to work with more people, with more diversity, more disciplines, and more talent. Collectively, we’re able to discover fresh perspectives, work collaboratively, and create new opportunities for all of us. We’re in this together.


The Mag: How has the Village culture influenced your team?

Barcelona: We think BIG. With diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and points of view, the Village gives us both a global and an integrated perspective. More than that, it allow us to present our capabilities to clients and prospects in a more unified way.


The Mag: How do teams from across the Village collaborate?

Barcelona: As we always say, collaboration is an ongoing journey. At the moment, our management teams are working together to identify synergies and enable the tools and processes necessary to promote collaboration. And then, on a more daily basis, with the clients we share between creative and media, these teams come together regularly to develop common objectives and find the best solutions to business challenges.


The Mag: What makes your Village a great place to work?

Barcelona: So many things! We hold regular after-work gatherings, summer lunches, paddle tennis tournaments, demo days for various disciplines and technologies (e.g. virtual reality), and trainings. CSR is important to us as well. It’s bolstered through El Mundo al Revés, an initiative that empowers our people to make a social and environmental impact. They can do anything from volunteer for a cause to create a campaign for recycling old mobile phones. With this initiative, we’re working to develop a social mentality and a generous spirit among our people.

In general, we’re always looking for more common activities and projects to help foster a collaborative environment and make our Village a better place to work.


The Mag: Tell us a bit about the office space. Where does everyone like to gather?

Barcelona: The primary gathering areas are our coffee corner and the cantina. (Caffeine and sustenance are two unbeatable crowd-pleasers!) We also have small spaces on each floor with sofas and stools to initiate conversations. People tend to gather there throughout the day for mini-brainstorms and quick chats. And then, of course, there’s our very special “cocoon.” (Take a look at it below. Who wouldn’t want to gather there?)


The Mag: How has the culture of your city influenced your team?

Barcelona: The city is light and modern, and so is our Village. The sun, the beach, and the mediterranean culture have a deep influence on the mood of our people. We’re very positive! The city is on the cutting-edge, and we take a modern approach to our work as well, constantly looking at trends and finding ways to innovate.