Hoodies for the Homeless: Havas Village Tour

Havas New York’s Tavis Eaton and his band PushMethod play music to make a difference. The cost of admittance to their concerts: one hoodie. After the show, they donate all of the hoodies to a local homeless shelter.

Eaton started Hoodies for the Homeless two years ago. His first event at Village New York was such a success that he and the band are taking the tour global.

The U.S. leg of the tour kicked off in September at Arnold in Boston, followed up by New York and Los Angeles. Next up: stops in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Dublin, and Düsseldorf.

After each performance at Havas, they’ll do a show that’s open to the public.  

Check out their website at hoodiesforthehomeless.com or find them on Instagram at @Hoodiesforthehomeless.