Havas New York for USDS: You’ll Never Be the Same Again

In a casting coup, for the first time, Steve Jobs is showcased in an ad outside of Apple.

The Apple revolutionary’s words are the inspiration for a new campaign for the United States Digital Service. A self-described start-up that’s embedded in the White House, the USDS tackles digital services, such as aiding veterans in applying for benefits, helping students compare financial aid options, and updating immigration services.

David Kaufman of USDS says that technology, however, is just one part of making an impact: “Everything that the U.S. Digital Service was able to accomplish was only because of people. Technology alone doesn’t change things. It’s the people who step up and enable change.”

The USDS tapped Havas New York to create two spots that’ll motivate techies to use their talents to help those who need it most.

One of the spots features actual footage of Steve Jobs. His words “You’ll never be the same again” are the culmination of a speech on making an impact on the world. Havas Chief Creative Officer Toygar Bazarkaya explains why the words of Jobs connect with the audience: “If your audience is Silicon Valley, who better to talk to them than Steve Jobs—someone they admire and who serves as an advocate for their craft and what they can achieve,” he says.  “When you listen closely to his words, it couldn’t have been written better for this purpose. It almost felt unreal.”

The second spot, created by Havas in-house production group Studio 6, transforms the powerful words into a clever animated film. Havas Worldwide Group Creative Director Can Misirloglu shares how the Studio 6 team managed to realize the vision of Jobs: “Our team of young designers, invigorated by the ethos of the USDS, poured our souls into the project; in the end, living up to Steve Jobs’ words in their own way.”

Watch each spot.