Havas New York for TD Ameritrade: Working Hard for the Hard Worker

TD Ameritrade knows how to ride the wave of excitement for Super Bowl 51—without running ads during the big game. This year, the NFL sponsor opted not to run a 30-sec spot during Sunday’s match, a trend that’s becoming more prevalent for brands that either can’t afford the $5.5M spot, or, in the case of TD Ameritrade, want to create its own standout stage away from the Super Bowl ad noise.

Enter Havas New York which created “The Green Room” campaign that launched during the NFL playoffs—not during Sunday’s big game. The campaign includes three 30-second spots, as well as print, digital and social media. One of those films, “Working Hard for the Hard Worker,” takes a humourous look at the disdain people often have for managing their finances.

TD Ameritrade CMO Denise Karkos told Forbes that the campaign was meant to solve for two needs: “TD Ameritrade has a fragmented brand presence out there that we need to unify. We have multiple audiences that we need to unify. We show up differently to traders than we do to long-term investors. We have three different campaigns showing up to three different audiences. I needed to solve for that.” Ms. Karkos said the spots are also meant to address any distrust the target audience may have for financial service companies.

Watch the spot.