Havas Lemz for Greenchoice: Earth-chattering

There’s a new Dutch verb that’s catching on with people in the Netherlands: Aardkloten, which roughly translates to “earth-chattering.” Earth-chattering is the action of talking about the preservation and improvement of our planet—but without actually doing anything about it.

Greenchoice, a green energy supplier in the Netherlands, is calling for a little less talk and a lot more action. Greenchoice hopes to galvanize the green energy movement in the Netherlands by educating citizens about their impact on the environment and the green choices that they can make—options that can benefit Mother Earth.

More people are aware of climate change, but they don’t always know what actions to take. They need real, practical solutions. So in Havas Lemz’s first campaign for the energy company, Greenchoice asks viewers to stop talking, start doing, and save the planet.

In one of Greenchoice’s films, linguist Wim Daniëls explains the new Dutch word aardkloten and makes a case for why everyone should turn away from inaction and intervene for good.

Greenchoice – Aardkloten Wim Daniels by Havas Lemz from Havas Lemz on Vimeo.

With this multi-platform campaign, which includes TV, radio, print, and digital messaging, Greenchoice encourages people to save energy—and generate their own—using their hands to make the Earth greener.