Havas Fashion Week 2016: Milan Lookbook

This week we dropped by Milan, the striking fashion capital of Italy, to continue #HavasFashionWeek.

Check out the full lookbook from the employees of Havas Milan below!


Roberto Martelli, TV Producer at Havas Milan

For me, fashion is the way I feel when I wake up in the morning.



Frederico Da Re, Senior Account at Havas Milan

“My style is NYC ‘80s meets today’s casual.”



Mirco Pugliese, TV Production Intern at Havas Milan

Fashion is above the clouds.



Tiziana Di Molfetta, Senior Art Director at Havas Milan

I love a touch of red. Sometimes it’s a hat, a bag, or a pair of gloves. Or it’s this chair!



Luigi Muraro, Art Director at Havas Milan

“Creativity is always in style.”