Havas Chicago for Hefty: Mom Knows Best

John Cena Mom GIFHefty, the brand known best for its trash bags, freezer bags, and other disposable products, dumped the cliché kitchen products message in its newest TV spots. With creative from Havas Chicago, the company is employing humor to promote its Hefty Ultra Strong trash bags.

This campaign stars WWE superstar John Cena and his mother—who together tackle these 30-sec spots for the brand. “For this campaign, we knew we wanted to stay true to our original concept, which went away from a typical ‘kitchen mess’ scenario and used pop culture relevancy to speak to Hefty’s audience,” says Jason Peterson, Chief Creative Officer, Havas Creative, U.S. “We didn’t want to show another mom in the kitchen needing a strong bag to help her clean up after her messy family. That’s just not how life is anymore. Our target is a varied group and these amusing, unconventional ads speak to them in a way a trash bag company hasn’t before.”

The brand released two spots: “Mom Knows Best,” which features the wrestler’s real-life mother tackling customers, and “Waiting Husbands,” a spot that takes a quirky spin on the stereotypical story of a wife shopping in a grocery store and choosing a kitchen product.

“We’re talking about trash bags, which isn’t the most glamorous thing to talk about,” Peterson says. “But we looked at the cultural landscape and built ads that are funny, relatable, and get our point across. Ultimately, we’re strengthening the connection between Hefty and its audience.”

This is the second time that the brand has featured Cena in its Hefty spots. The first was in July 2016, when Hefty reintroduced its iconic 1980s chant “Hefty! Hefty! Hefty!” “The first campaign was really successful,” Peterson says. “And, we wanted to continue its momentum and continue the authentic connection Hefty consumers had with Cena.”

Check out the latest ads from Hefty: