Havas Canada for the Canadian Women’s Foundation: #GirlPowered

Every day, girls consume countless sexist media messages that tell them how to think, look, and feel. Now, they’re speaking up with messages of their own.

In partnership with Havas Canada, the Canadian Women’s Foundation launched #GirlPowered, a new campaign that empowers girls with positive messages that build confidence and self-esteem. But there’s a twist: the agency won’t be deciding the messages—the girls will.

To launch the campaign, the Havas team organized a live interactive event in Toronto, where girls were asked what they’d like to tell their peers. In real-time, the responses were turned into billboards that amplified their words. The girls are encouraged to share their own #GirlPowered messages at girlpowered.ca. In early 2017, the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s “Girl Council” will pick the messages that will be used in the nationwide campaign.

“With this campaign, we set out to replace the endless negative advertising messages directed at girls with words of positivity,” said Helen Pak, CEO and CCO of Havas Canada. “With #GirlPowered, instead of seeing a corporate brand, you’ll see a girl’s name and her age. We were really excited to create this campaign because there is nothing more powerful than messages created by girls for girls.”

Learn more at girlpowered.ca, and watch the spot below.