Havas Blend Brews Personalized Playlists Using AI Technology

At this year’s Spikes Asia festival, the Havas Café won’t just be brewing coffee–it will be brewing music, too.

Guests to the cafe are invited to sample “The Havas Blend,” a new app from Havas Cognitive that provides patrons “a unique musical infusion.” Leveraging artificial intelligence technology via IBM Watson, The Havas Blend’s data baristas can create a personalized playlist based on a user’s Facebook profile.

TheHavasBlendAppImageThis innovative web app utilizes a Havas partnership (IBM) to demonstrate the power of artificial intelligence and content-powered digital solutions.

“The marriage of data and creativity is a bold new frontier for our industry,” said Andrew Hook, Group ECD at Havas Worldwide Singapore. “The creation of Havas Cognitive will help us tap into a new wealth of inspiration and interaction for our clients. Spikes Asia was the perfect opportunity to build an innovation ‘test-case’ – hence the creation of The Havas Blend.

Get a taste of The Havas Blend by visiting havascafe.asia.