Greater Collaboration in Brazil

Earlier this month, we brought our creative agencies in Brazil together under unified leadership — to enhance collaboration and do more for our clients.

At the helm of this team are Erh Ray and Gal Barradas, named Co-CEOs of Havas Creative Group Brazil. In addition to their current roles as partners and Co-CEOs of BETC São Paulo, Erh and Gal will lead all Havas creative agencies in Brazil, including Arnold, Havas Worldwide, and Havas Worldwide  Digital.

We sat down with Erh and Gal to discuss their shared vision for the future of Havas in Brazil.

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The Mag: What role does collaboration play in creative work? How will the creative agencies in Brazil work together? 

Erh & Gal: Collaboration is the main spirit of our working style and business structure, and it’s an important source of creativity. We are very committed to aligning the creative agencies in Brazil to drive Havas Creative Group’s objectives; it’s about creativity driving results. And from the client’s perspective, it’s advantageous to share knowledge and build upon successful cases. The client’s interest will always come first. 


The Mag: How will you be creating a cohesive culture among teams?

Erh & Gal: Managing people is the biggest challenge of every leader, especially in a business fully based on this resource. We have to look at different levels to develop a culture that will drive everybody toward one single objective, but we also have to look at individual skills to develop the leadership that will help us foster the culture. Culture is cultivation, so it’s a daily practice. We know that it’s not easy to get nearly 500 people following one single cultural value, but we will accomplish this step-by-step, through conversations, transparency, and great ambition.

Our clients must be aligned with this culture as well. But we’re only truly integrated if we have the same objectives. Therefore, both Havas people and Havas clients must feel part of something bigger. We have to be proud to see our work bringing great benefits for consumers and fostering long-lasting relationships with our clients. Communication is a powerful tool for leveraging business, and it has broken the boundaries of “pure” advertising. To create different types of experiences, we must act as one unified team. Ultimately, culture will be the result of what we do together. 


The Mag: What are your key goals for Havas Creative Group Brazil?

Erh & Gal: In addition to creating a unique culture, our main goal is to keep growing, with new clients and business. As you likely know, Brazil is in the midst of a huge institutional and economic crisis. Despite this scenario, we’ve been creating value through managed services, winning the war for talent, and creating more agile customer-centric organizations. Both Havas and BETC have been delivering good results for our clients. So we believe in our team’s strength, and we see the opportunity to continuously develop new ways of thinking in Brazil.


 The Mag: What’s your outlook on the Brazil market? 

Erh & Gal: The Brazilian market is still an emerging marketing. It’s very dynamic and creative. Brazilian people are always willing to try new products and to live new experiences. And because it’s not a mature market, there are still plenty of opportunities, despite the bad economic situation. It’s akin to what Nietzsche said: “What does not kill us, makes us stronger.”


The Mag: How will Havas Creative Group Brazil be unique in the network? 

Erh & Gal: Being ourselves is the best way to stand out. The economic adversities, together with Brazilian creative talent in different disciplines, gives us the opportunity to develop new approaches for communication in order to help our clients remain valuable to their customers. We can make something new and unique that can be an inspiration for the rest of the world.