Getting to No. 1: Havas Media Spain Named Media Agency of the Year

For the second year in a row, CTRL magazine—Spain’s premiere marketing and advertising publication—has named Havas Media Spain Media Agency of the Year.

The CTRL Advertising Awards, which took place last night, are held annually to recognize the year’s most outstanding companies, work, and professionals.

Havas Media Madrid General Director Camelia De la Nava, Havas Media Barcelona General Director Marta Coll, and Havas Media Levante General Director Jesús Vallejo talked about the win, creating great client relationships, and putting people first.

Congratulations on being named Media Agency of the Year for the second year in a row. What’s the secret to your success?

The secret is easy to describe but very difficult to implement. The secret is creating an excellent relationship with our clients, based on our experience, knowledge, services, and tools which allows us to be an integrated component of their strategies. The secret is our clients. Know their markets, be able to anticipate their needs, understand their consumers, provide them with the best insights, evolve our tools, improve our services, and be part of their teams.

Agency culture is a huge part of your success. What do you do to keep morale high and make sure everyone is excited to keep driving clients’ business forward?

The media marketplace is undergoing a deep transformation, which is a top priority for marketers to understand. Digital means that increasingly, the audience is now the media: it needs to be in communication with brands that understand each digital discipline. We pride ourselves on being change agents for our clients. This is well reflected in the evolution of our services, in the transformation of our value proposition and in the role of our teams. Teams that are always integrated and connected within an excellent collaborative culture which then allow us to offer first-rate services.

That’s why “people first” is one of the most important pillars that our digital acceleration and transformation is based on. We are excited to be part of this transformation in which our mission is to create the most meaningful connections between people and brands.

From L to R: Jesús Vallejo, General Director, Havas Media Levante, Marta Coll, General Director, Havas Media Barcelona, Camelia De la Nava, General Director, Havas Media Madrid

In the last year, what do you think has been the agency’s biggest accomplishment?

It has been a very tough year, but one of the most important accomplishments was our first Havas Village in Spain. Once again, Havas evolved the agency model, creating the best working environment, connecting the right talent—at the right place and at the right moment—to offer the right answers to our clients.

This is our Together ethos: a culture that allows us to generate—under the same roof—a collaboration between creative, digital, PR, media, social media, mobile, data, programmatic, strategy, and all the other services that help us be our clients’ most important partner.

It has an energy and ambition that attracts more and more talent, which benefits each business individually and Havas Spain as a whole.

If there’s one piece of advice you’d give to agencies looking to be recognized as best in class in their local markets, what would it be?

Transversality + anticipation + knowledge + collaboration—and always a pinch of a good humor. That’s essential to overcoming the barriers and challenges you face day after day.

What’s next for the agency?

To keep working by hand-in-hand with our clients, understanding the opportunities for brands that digital transformation offers and evolving our Havas Together philosophy. Once again, easy to describe but very difficult to implement.

Difficult, but amazing.