Get to Know Havas’ 2017 Summer Interns

50 universities. 35 majors. 9 countries.

For three months, more than 200 students got the chance to explore every facet of working at a global ad agency.

Havas interns had the chance to sit in on pitches, strategy and planning meetings, video shoots, events—and were even encouraged to create their own projects. Some got to compete in one-on-one ping-pong matches with the Managing Director in Dublin, while others competed in an “Intern Draft,” where they showcased their creative abilities through Instagram posts that demonstrated what they would do as a boss, also known as “Leader of the New School.” In our New York HQ, interns teamed together to orchestrate a company-wide carnival themed fundraiser.

A few share their experiences below:

Aliaputri Kamal
Karsten X Topelmann
Jared Waller
Zsofi Toth
Ryan Wong
Caroline Desalins
Kevin McKay
Jo Fennessy
Vince Salerno-Romero
Jenn Mancino