What Does the Future of Social Look Like?

How do you find something if you never knew it was missing? Sagi Chemetz founded social agency Blink after discovering the impact of social while on in his first job. Chemetz shares how he plans to help brands expand their reach by tapping into the ever-growing power of social.

sagi chemetz

How did you get started as Israel’s “first social agency?”

I worked as one of the first journalists in a brand-new online publisher converting tech and web projects. At the same time, I was responsible for managing all the interactions with users. We started to use talkbacks, and then we built our own forums and blogs in-house as a social network. I saw the impact. And as the idea of web 2.0 was rising, I decided to be an entrepreneur and start an agency business that would create content and conversation for brands.

Why did you see a need for a social agency?

I noticed that all kinds of communications types are managed by organizations—except for network conversation, which is growing extremely fast. It wasn’t managed, and brands ignored it. That’s when I thought to myself: “That’s going to be a great niche.” It turned out to be much more than that.

How did you come to understand social media so well?

I started my professional path as a journalist and then evolved into more of a content creator. So I became a journalist who looks at things from a research point of view.

What does the future of social look like?

Good, and hard, question. Well, I just moderated a panel at the DLD conference called “The Future of Mobile Is—Stop Calling It Mobile.” I think the future of social media is that everything will be even more social, and there will be social aspects in nearly every piece of digital communication.

What excites you most about your future with Havas?

The opportunity to become more global and to collaborate with talented people all over the world. I really hope we can share our knowledge and provide new inspirations to the Group.

What are some goals you would like to accomplish?

Take a part in a global campaign, meditate with Yannick Bolloré, and spread out the idea of content before distribution as much as possible.