Fuel Lisbon for Queer Lisboa: Welcome

Founded in 1997, Queer Lisboa is Lisbon’s oldest film festival and the only Portuguese festival dedicated to exclusively screening gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and transsexual themed films. Over the past seven years, the team at Fuel Lisboa has worked with the iconic brand to create provocative spots, including “Obscene” and “Death of the Gay Cliché.”

Their latest spot does not disappoint.

In “Welcome,”a cast of characters performs their way through a list of straight stereotypes, letting all those who wear sandals with socks, call their friends “my man,” or think Scandal and Downton Abbey suck that they’re personally invited to attend the international queer film festival.

“We realized that while Queer Lisboa could be a niche brand, its communication should not,” explains Marcelo Lourenco, creative director at Fuel Lisbon. “So we decided to take the brand’s valuesculture, joy, tolerance, and freedom–to everybody. And what better way to promote tolerance than to show a ‘gay’ festival inviting all the straight guys to attend?”

While the Fuel Lisbon team aimed to promote tolerance with this spot, they also wanted to avoid patronizing their audience. So they toed the line by leaning on “straight humor.”

“All the clichésgay and straightare not to be taken seriously,” says Marcelo. “The best way to prove that stereotyping is ridiculous–no matter your sexual preferences–is to laugh about it.”

Inspiration for the seemingly endless list of straight stereotypes came from several weeks of informal research that included watching “dude” movies like Superbad and asking girlfriends and wives what annoys them most about their men.

“The toenails around the living room and the mantra, ‘Scandal Sucks! Downton Abbey Sucks!’ came from my wife,” Marcelo admits. “I do think both shows are a pain in the ass (sorry, love).”

Watch the spot below.