BETC Paris for Lacoste: Timeless

A classic love story meets timeless fashion in this new spot from Lacoste. Created by BETC Paris, the film follows the adventure of a young man who is so smitten by a beautiful woman that he follows her on a daring ride that takes both of them through nine decades of travel—and fashion. The one thing that remains the same: Lacoste’s iconic polo shirt. Rémi Babinet, co-founder and chief creative officer of BETC Paris, shares what inspired this romantic campaign and how the BETC team managed to play with time.

What year does this film take place?

René Lacoste invented the polo in 1933. The epic journey of the film goes through each decade from 1930s to today: for example the soldiers and nurses in the 40s, the dramatic chic attitude in the 50s, the colorful hippies in the 70s.

This new campaign for Lacoste focuses on timelessness—in particular, a sort of Lacoste style that seems to transcend through the decades. How does this story highlight timelessness?

We deeply play with time in this spot as it is a leap into time that covers more than 80 years whereas the previous film was more a leap into space. How a single centimeter can become a distance that is impossible to reach when you are about to kiss a woman, like in “The Big Leap.” We are also telling the same story in “Timeless” where the hero has to find the force and the elegance within him to resist impossible obstacles. It is a story of desire but also a story of sport, performance, and attitude.


What inspired this campaign?

The brand wanted to put the focus on its iconic polo and the essence of it, its timeless elegance, and embody their signature, “Life is a beautiful sport.” There was pressure yes but a positive one to surpass ourselves.

How does a classic love story fit into the bigger brand narrative at Lacoste?

Lacoste wants to create desire for the brand and a strong emotional bond with the audience.

It is about creating a fantastical metaphor of what makes life beautiful.

Were there any challenges while creating this campaign?

The technical challenges were of twofold: We had to recreate the settings of each decade to make it authentic and credible and worked the wardrobe to do that. We shot all the scenes at the museum of trains in Budapest and worked with one of the best stylists in the cinema industry, Madeleine Fontaine, who received an Academy Award nomination for Jackie.

Even if there are some special effects, we tried as much as we could to shot in real life. Obviously, the jump of the hero on the roof of the train was shot in studio.

The essence of the film is the simple and beautiful story of a guy and a girl that fall in love at first sight and will do whatever is possible to re-unite. Everything else is at the service of this simple story of desire.

Watch the spot:


Brand: Lacoste
Agency: BETC Paris
Executive Creative Director: Remi Babinet
Creative Director: Antoine Choque
Art Director: Aurelie Scalabre
Copywriter: Olivier Aumard
Agency TV Producer: Fabrice Brovelli
Director: Seb Edwards
Production Company: Wanda/Academy
Post Production: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Russell Icke
VFX: Mikros Image