BETC Execs Release New EP and Video

Pioneering French electronic outfit KCPK, which includes BETC’s V.P. Fabrice Brovelli and music creative director Christophe Caurret, have just released their new EP, “Critics,” a collaboration with Simon Buret of French pop duo AaRON.

Known for their tight production style which combines cold synths with edge-of-control beats and spans a broad range of influences, from electronic to hip-hop and new wave, KCPK’s music is an eclectic, complex, striking experience.

Their video for “The End” directed by Loïc Andrieu, known for his darkly cinematic shorts, envisions a hellish future world underscored by the track’s pulsating beat.

Tell us a little about your new EP, “Critics,” and the video for “The End.”

“Critics” is the title of our latest EP in collaboration with Simon Buret, from the band AaRON. We have already worked together a few times—we did a remix for them and played in a couple of festivals. After spending so much time together, it was logical that Simon would sing on one of our tracks. We wanted to keep AaRON’s style, while injecting an additional dose of energy, as well as an electronic resonance.

The music video, it is also all about encounters. Pierre Cazenave, the producer of “Soldats” gave our EP to Loïc Andrieu, who literally went wild about the title “The End,” which is the second track on the EP. The atmosphere in this video clip is nervier, with its never-ending guitar rise on an electronic beat.

Loïc Andrieu managed to conserve that vibe with a video that portrays the meandering of teenage years.

What inspires you as musicians?

Society and how people gather in unexpected contexts.

How did you get your start in the Paris music scene?

Probably when we started the PANIK parties at the Elysée Montmartre. It allowed us to travel around the world for 10 years. We have lost a few lives, but we also made great encounters that will feed us for our whole lives, and lead us to manage artists like The Shoes, Yuksek and Agoria. After spending so much time in the studio for others, we decided we should spend that time on ourselves.

We love conquering our own city—we played in more than 40 different places all over Paris, from the smallest underground bar to the Zénith.

What artists are you most excited by at the moment?

Nils Frahm, Maceo Plex, The Horrors, STS.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Trent Reznor.

And finally, when can we expect a full-length album?

What’s the point of releasing an album nowadays? In a world ruled by streaming, people consume such a huge amount of music, so it’s best to develop a solid fan base with multiple EPs.