Adventurous Recruiting: Havas Boondoggle Finds Intern on Airbnb

Last month, Havas Boondoggle launched an innovative intern recruitment campaign, listing its Amsterdam loft on Airbnb in search of adventurous ad students. We checked in with the agency to find out how it turned out.

After receiving a total of 327 responses on Airbnb, Boondoggle invited Hammad, a Miami Ad School student living in Toronto, for an eight-day stay. Hammad was eager for a taste of Amsterdam and a look at the inner workings of an agency.

During his internship, Boondoggle was preparing for a pitch that required insight into the Saudi Arabian market. While the team checked in with the Havas network, it was also helpful having Hammad’s Muslim background for feedback on what would work in the region.


Boondoggle had never before utilized such an out-of-the-box recruiting tactic, relying instead more traditional methods. By finding a new way to let the world know it was looking for interns, the agency was hoping to receive a burst of energy at the office—and that wish certainly came true. Before Hammad’s arrival, employees were excited in the anticipation of a fresh face, and during his visit, they found the new perspectives invigorating.

There was excitement externally as well, as the campaign garnered six million organic media impressions. Sharing stories and building brands is something Boondoggle is used to doing for clients—this time the agency was able to do it for itself.


Ultimately, the Boondoggle team was thrilled by the results of this Airbnb recruitment campaign:

“We were originally going to make Facebook ads and were thinking of how to make them interesting. This started with a really small idea. And a small idea can travel really far. In this case, it travelled around the world.”